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Swing your way to relaxation – Aerial Yoga

I remember the days when being on a swing brought me all the happiness in the world. Recently, a dear friend reminded me of that feeling when I took an aerial yoga class. I can honestly say that hanging upside down was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Richard, the owner of Aerial Yoga London (link here), showed me an amazing way to unwind whilst swinging my way to relaxation.

Now, I want to level with you guys. We all know that London can get just a tad hectic and not always we can find time for ourselves. So, if you are like me and looking for a way to relax I might have found you one. The answer is air yoga. It is easy to get into and fun. Plus, you get to fly like superman. Naturally, after my lesson, I wanted to learn more. So, I sat down with Richard, eager to uncover his story.

Yoga teacher doing yoga pose on hammock in Aerial Yoga London

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