Escaping the London hustle at AIDA Shoreditch

Escaping the London hustle at AIDA Shoreditch

AIDA Shoreditch is a unique blend of a fashion shop and trendy coffee place. It’s located right in the middle of the high street. Perfect walking distance to explore everything this vibrant part of London has to offer, which makes it a great start to your day. Spacious café with lots of natural light and some of the friendliest baristas I have ever met. They craft each cup of coffee with all the love and care in the world. AIDA’s relaxed approach and community feel quickly made it my go-to place whenever I am in the area.

I got to know AIDA through their insta famous rose latte. After experiencing this goodness first hand I knew that I must find out more about them. In no time at all I sat down with Rowan, who is such a dear, to chat about their store.flat white and cappucino on the table at AIDA Shoreditch

Hi, Rowan, could you please tell me a bit more about AIDA Shoreditch?

AIDA is a family run business, with multiple stores around London. Our Shoreditch store is one of a kind. This shop used to be a warehouse space and here we wanted to really focus on a local community. Shoreditch is constantly evolving and very dynamic. We wanted to capture how vibrant, creative and individual the area is. It was very important to us to be open and approachable.  It is reflected in everything that we do from the brands that we source to the events and charities that we support.shopfront with large table and chairs at AIDA Shoreditch

Did you always think to open a coffee space as well?

The coffee place was always something we envisioned from the very beginning. It is definitely the beating heart of this site. We love when people come here to relax, meet friends and generally socialise.

It is about doing something unique, not just in the coffee taste but in the atmosphere as well. Nowadays there are so many great coffee shops around and we believe in existing alongside each other. It is all about giving members of our community that lush variety that Shoreditch can provide.Coffee is dripping from coffee machine at AIDA ShoreditchBarista is doing latte art on coffee at AIDA Shoreditch

I’ve noticed that you do events and charities here at AIDA Shoreditch, could you elaborate on that?

Since we opened we did tons of collaborations with lots of brands and artists, we were very open and did a lot of experimenting. My favourite one was a charity event we held in December for a blogger and a friend of the store Lauren, she goes by @girlstolelondon. The event was all about raising money to battle cancer. The energy in the store was incredible and we are happy to support her.

Our events are never money driven, we don’t use them as some strategic marketing scheme. They are every bit a part of what we do here at AIDA Shoreditch. It is all about bringing people together.Pictured shop front with coffee shop and menswear collection at AIDA Shoreditch

How does social media fit into the life at AIDA?

It is a huge part of what we do here. It helps us to connect with people that can’t physically get to our stores. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when we talk about something as visual as fashion and coffee. Instagram is obviously our favourite platform, it is exciting to see how creative people can get and it is a constant source of inspiration.

We love to engage with our audience and we are always up for a chat.  Any suggestions for our events and collabs hit us up on social media channels.Instagram famous pink latte on the table at AIDA Shoreditch

What are the plans for AIDA Shoreditch in 2017?

This year we are going to do fewer events but definitely more focused ones. We would love to do a brand launch, music and charity events. We are playing around with the idea of a pop-up. Again, any and all suggestions are welcome.

We are expanding our AIDA homeware collection, there will be more focus on that this year. Follow us on our social media channels for all future updates.

Facebook page here.

Instagram here.

Displayed coffee shop menu and big lamp on coffee shop counter at AIDA Shoreditch

I’m glad I got to know AIDA and its amazing team better. These guys definitely add an extra flavour to the Shoreditch scene. Special shout out to head barista Yeong, who surprised as all with his creations and as Rowan said, ‘breathed in new life into the store’. I wish them all the best and cant wait to take part in their next event.

As always if you enjoyed reading please leave your thoughts and comments down below. Follow me on Facebook for more updates. More coffee goodness is on its way:)

Mucho Love.

PolinaTake away coffee cup in from of AIDA Shoreditch shop