Israeli Food in London – Awake your taste buds with Bala Baya

Israeli Food in London – Awake your taste buds with Bala Baya

Bala Baya is an Israeli restaurant located just under the Southwark railway arch in central London. This place boasts equal parts trendy design and exciting menu. The dishes here are rooted in traditional Israeli cooking with an added modern twist. The combination of refreshing cocktails alongside small plates style food, lively atmosphere and friendly service will quickly transform you to the buzzing streets of Tel Aviv. Great times guaranteed.

Outside mezzanine at Bala Baya restaurant with many plants dotted around and wicker patio furniture.Two people clinging refreshing gazoz drinks. A traditional Israeli refreshment. One with watermelon and the other with grapefruit.

There are three things the chefs at Bala Baya do absolutely right…flavor, flavor, flavor. Everything from the way dishes are presented to the pairings of ingredients is made with taste in mind. The food will absolutely blow your taste buds away be it lunch time or dinner.

Expect all the usual suspects here – loads of freshly baked pittas, creamy hummus, and crunchy feta salads. All of which are worth the trip alone.

The food at Bala Baya Southwark:

On our visit, we had a selection of small plates with some very refreshing gazozes (fresh fruit mixed with soda). That way we got to experience a little bit of everything Bala Baya has to offer. There were some dishes that particularly stood out.Close up of the salmon and dill jellies.

The Cured salmon with tart rhubarb, preserved lemon and dill jelly- is an absolute must try. Each element was bold in flavor yet perfectly balanced. A great dish to kick everithing off.Close up of the crispy sticky chicken with kimchi and butternut.

The fried chicken with butternut squash, harissa and kimchi left me ooh’ing and aah’ing. The chicken was spot on – crispy on the outside whilst still juicy and tender on the inside. There was a spicy kick coming from the kimchi which paired beautifully with the butternut squash puree. Sticky, crunchy, sweet and spicy all at the same time. I could easily eat a bucket of that.a selection of small plates with a gazoz drink. Rice in the foregorund and sticky chicken in the background.

ToppedWith tip: There are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu that are equally delicious if not better than some of the meat dishes.  I personally recommend going for harissa baked cauliflower. It’s meaty and spicy and I could not get enough of it. An incredibly delicious desert, Burnt Babka. Sesame and pistachio spread, stewed plums, whisked anglaise.

A definite highlight and one at which most restaurants rarely succeed was the desert. In particular, the Burnt Babka. The light pastry smeared with chocolate and hazelnut spread served with stewed plums, caramelized pecans and whisked anglaise. It was just an incredible combination that melts in your mouth. In all honesty some of the best desserts I have ever tried and I can only wish it would get more popular in London.

Close up of Burnt Babke desert with a delicious plum on the fork and sprinkles of crumb falling from the top.

In Conclusion:  

I absolutely enjoyed my experience at Bala Baya. This place truly reminded me that a good restaurant should always put just as much effort into the taste as it does into the presentation. Each dish has showed impressive chef skills not only in the technical parts but also in the depth of flavor.

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The alleyway leading to Bala Baya, which is located under the railway arch. A very pleasantly decorated mezzanine with many plants and ample seating.


Adress – Arch 25 Old Union Yard Arches, 229 Union St, London SE1 0LR


Monday – Friday: 7:30– 23:00
Saturday: 10:30 –23:00
Sunday: 10:30 – 17:00