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Social hub done right – Black Cat Cafe.

Social hub done right – Black Cat Cafe.

The Black Cat cafe simply stole my heart. From the cosy, home-like interior to their extensive choice of teas. The guys behind Black Cat cafe (link here) definitely rose the bar and showed all of us how to do a social hub right. Not only their menu is packed with amazing dishes but it is also at a price where every Londoner will ask ‘Is that even possible’. If you love community spaces and you like to work from a coffee shop you owe yourself to go and check out Black Cat cafe as it will not leave you unimpressed.Black Cat cafe

As a blogger, I love being part of the community. Collaborating with others and bouncing ideas gives me the energy to push forward. Well, that and a huge amount of coffee. I found out about Black Cat cafe whilst doing research for #veganuary. After reading so many positive comments I couldn’t wait to speak with them.

So, last week I managed to sit down with Nacho, who is one of the members of Black Cat cooperative and the creator of some of the recipes on the menu.Black Cat cafe

Nacho, I read and heard so many great things about Black Cat cafe. Could you tell me how did the concept come together?

Black Cat cafe is open for 4 years. We always envisioned it as a place that serves delicious yet simple comfort food. We wanted it to be a community space where people would be comfortable to work and socialise. We are a 100% vegan café and our menu changes daily, apart from some much-beloved classics. We also try to give back to the community by running various benefits, animal charities and other social movements.

After trying the beef style burger I can honestly say, “Wow”. Can you tell me how do you decide on your menu?

Well, we think that as a vegan café it is always best to be seasonal. We get our produce from one particular farm outside of London. That influences our dishes greatly. We tend to always have some sort of curry and pasta on the menu as well as our famous burger. We aim to create honest rustic dishes that have a home feel to them whilst keeping them exciting.

Black Cat cafeBlack Cat cafe

What are your biggest struggles?

Working out recipes daily is not an easy task and it does get quite challenging at times. But it helps us become better and I would not have it any other way. Now we are busier than we used to be. We always aim to provide better service as well as make sure that the quality of our dishes remains excellent. We try to keep the prices affordable so that our place stays that social hub with excellent food.

Thank you very much Nacho for your time. I have one last question, will there be something with pineapple on the menu?

Well at the moment I am reading up on Mexican cuisine. So, the short answer is yes, it very well can happen. Perhaps, in a form of pineapple salsa.

Black Cat cafe gives you a sense of belonging, when you are there it gives you a feeling that you are part of something bigger. Not only you support clean eating but also various charities that they do. Which, is always good in my book.Blackcat café

This community space is one of the hidden gems in London. They serve amazing food and you can tell that they truly love what they do. So, if you are a local or simply are in the area, do check them out. Everything on the menu is incredibly delicious but do taste that burger (toppedwith tip). The overall feel and energy of the place will surely brighten up any day.

Black Cat cafe

Thank you guys for reading. This concludes my #veganuary coverage. Check out my others interviews with amazing people at Yorica here and FED by Water here.

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Black Cat cafe