Boki Seven Dials Coffee Shop – Where Coffee Meets Design

Boki Seven Dials Coffee Shop – Where Coffee Meets Design

Boki Seven Dials is the latest addition to the coffee shop and restaurant scene here in the heart of London. An excellent cafe by day, producing smashing quality coffees and cakes, and a trendy small plates and cocktails bar by night. The menu at Boki both for evening and lunch is exceptional with not one dish being an odd choice. Truly an amazing space to meet friends and coworkers for coffee or a drink after work.A large healthy green smoothie called "The Hulk" next to a latte at the counter of Boki restaurant in Seven Dials area.A beautiful look at the interior of Boki bar in Covent Garden with a girl sitting at the counter with the sunlight coming from the skylight.Now, before we go any further I think THE thing to mention is how gorgeous this cafe/restaurant looks. Instead of the, now classic, exposed brickwork look Boki Covent Garden has brushed concrete walls alongside many, many plants. A sort of modern jungle feel. There is also a beautiful skylight just over the bar area, filling the spacious coffee shop with lots of natural light. You can tell that a lot of love went into designing this space and that you are in for one memorable experience.From Boki's restaurant menu. A beautiful charcoal brioche burger with fried egg and salt beef. As delicious as it is stylish.Now, if you haven’t heard about this stunning coffee shop yet, don’t worry. You might have seen them already on Instagram with their signature charcoal brioche burger. The mouthwatering dish is every bit as delicious as it is stylish. The salt beef is juicy and works really well together with avocado. Needless to say each bite is packed with flavor. As an added bonus, it comes with fried egg so can totally be excused as an early brunch choice.A shot of two charcoal brioche burgers with the champagne chiller at the back. Interior at Boki coffee shop is light, modern and very pleasing. ToppedWith tip: Alongside the delicious food the bartenders at Boki Seven Dials make some of the best cocktails you can get your hands on in the Covent Garden area. (Espresso Martini being especially good)At Boki's cafe a skilled bartender it pouring espresso martinis into chilled glasses. On the photo the beverage looks like molten gold being poured.The cocktail menu is as good at Boki Seven Dials as the food. A beautiful espresso martini is being poured into a glass in the middle with an empty one to the left and a ready martini to the right.

The food at Boki Seven Dials

The taco selection was not only impressive but also incredibly satisfying, both in taste and presentation. To start, all taco orders come in threes, which is one more than most London taquerias. Each taco is build with great care towards texture as well as flavor. Get a bunch of different ones and share between everybody. The ones that stole the show for us were the BBQ lamb tacos.Boki Covent Garden is an amazing place for food be it lunch or dinner. Olives are slightly blurred out in the foreground with BBQ lamb tacos in the middle.Delicious taco selection from Boki London menu with crispy chicken baba ghanoush in the foregroundPurple cabbage and carrot beef taco is being held by a girl at the Boki restaurant in Central London.Another great little dish for sharing was the baba ghanoush. The salty and crunchy chicken skins worked really well with the sweet and fragrant dip. It was a fun and exciting starter with layers of flavour.A gorgeous close up shot of delicious crispy chicken skin and baba ghanoush dip from Boki's menu.For those of you after something a little lighter and healthier I recommend checking out Boki’s smoked tofu quinoa salad. The gorgeous salad bowl looks every bit as good as it tastes with excellent sliced avocado work. The tofu itself has a very subtle yet distinct hint of smokiness that goes really well together with quinoa and sweet beetroot. This salad is packed with vitamins and will definitely set you off for a good day.An excellent super food salad bowl topped with smoked tofu and sweet beetroot at Boki cafe.All in all I really enjoyed spending my time at the Boki cafe where everything stands for quality be it food, coffee or interior. You can tell that many cultures have influenced this coffee shop and that this place is a reflection on not only the Seven Dials area but on London in general.A shot of Boki's drinks menu next to an espresso martini and a latte with an iPhone.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the latest addition to the restaurants in Covent Garden area Boki Seven Dials. For some other awesome spots around please check out Timberyard coffee shop and Yorica. Leave a comment with your thoughts down below. You can also see what am I currently up to on my Instagram and Facebook channels. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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PolinaDelicious crayfish bites on a beautiful blue ceramic plate.A refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail and a latte with a camera in the background at Boki Seven Dials.


Adress –  20 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9LL

Monday – Thursday: 08:00-21:30
Friday: 08:00 – 22:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 18:00