10 Central London Christmas Displays for Festive Feels

10 Central London Christmas Displays for Festive Feels

London is a city that truly transforms during each season. And, it is especially true during the winter period. I always look forward to seeing all the London Christmas Displays. Each year a few more shops join in on the festive fun and each year the displays get a little more elaborate. For all those who don’t particularly fancy doing all the secret Santa shopping I’d say this is excellent. A perfect way to get some excitement for gift inspiration (we always need a little more).A girl walking past a restaurant that is decorated with numerous pretty Christmas tree baubles.

Now, I made this list purposely leaving out a few Christmas shop fronts out. On the off chance you haven’t seen them on Instagram or anywhere else they will definitely put a smile on your face. Don’t worry. They are all located either right next to or very near to the ones that did make my list. So you won’t miss out on anything.

James Purdey & Sons

I would definitely call this shop ultra niche. However, the display itself looks like a a choo choo train which is absolutely adorable.

Restaurant 34 Mayfair

Two exceptionally well decorated Christmas trees with gorgeous baubles that fit well with the aesthetic of the area. But, the real star of this set up are the presents. Be sure to have your camera all fired up. (Also the gifts are welded shut to the floor…I tried already)A shot of an entrance to the restaurant with two Christmas trees on each side and huge wrapped presents under them.

Claridge’s Hotel

This place always outdoes itself when it comes to Christmas decorations in London. And this year they’ve done it again with the giant presents sitting atop of the main entrance. There is also another display on the side entrance you might want to check out.An impressive festive display with giant Christmas present on top of the main entrance to the hotel.

Fortum & Mason department store

This is a must visit shop whether you are in it for the beautiful Christmas displays or not. Will definitely find a few quirky gifts here to scratch off the list.

A staircase with beautiful lights weaved into the railing.

Tiffany & Co

One of the most Instagrammable places in London during Christmas. Also, next door there is a “little” surprise for you to discover.A window display of one of the shops in Central London with a pretty clock hanging just atop the entrance.

Hush Mayfair

This is one of those hidden gems that normally you would not know about. On the side note, this is quite the place for cocktails.A stunning arch decorated for Christmas with beige baubles and presents.

Annoushka Christmas Display

The whole street is worth your time when it comes to Christmas lights and decorations. Especially during the evening.A shop display with blue Christmas lights in a shape of a star on one side.

Paul Rothe & Sons

For those of you who made it this far you are probably hungry by now. Not only a cosy little cafe/Christmas display. This deli also makes some of the tastiest sandwiches in London.A shot of a local deli with Christmas trees inside.

The Ivy Cafe Marylebone

A cafe with a gorgeous festive display as well as great coffee. I’d say an excellent spot to sit down and people watch.A wide shot of a cafe in Marylebone with gorgeous Christmas wreath's on all windows.

V V Rouleaux

Without a doubt one of the most eye catching Christmas shop fronts in all of London.A whole shop display that is bright red and very flashy.

Hope you enjoyed my 10 Central London Christmas decorations. For some London FOOD OBSESSIONS check out the story of the unicorn and my favourite Japanese extravaganza dining experience. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest London related goodness.

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PolinaA girl waving from a spiral staircase that is decorated for Christmas.