The Dayrooms Cafe Notting Hill – Aussie Brunch in London

The Dayrooms Cafe Notting Hill – Aussie Brunch in London

The Dayrooms Cafe is the latest exciting addition to the vibrant cafe scene in Notting Hill. A stylish place serving expertly crafted teas and coffees is located on a quiet residential street. The relaxed yet always buzzing atmosphere will make for a perfect lunch spot whether with a book or close friends. Boasting an incredibly delicious menu that will fit any mood this Australian inspired cafe will quickly become your go to place.They Dayrooms Cafe in notting Hill London

I always get super excited whenever I get to visit Notting Hill area. The distinct energy and look of this part of London really clicks with me. The same can be said about The Dayrooms Cafe. It is new and yet you feel like you have been here before, in the best possible sense of the phrase. The extremely polite and attentive staff members are always smiling and the overall feel of the cafe is very relaxed.dayroom cafe Notting Hill interior

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Now the menu itself is mostly brunch oriented with some creative twists on the classic recipes. Like a sourdough topped with avocado with some chili oil, or a loaded croissant with truffle scrambled eggs and courgettes. What really caught my eye and I think makes this place stand out is the few menu items sprinkled in between the classics.numeric latte and flat white ozone coffee at dayroom cafe in notting hillHoneycomb with miso caramel at Dayrooms Cafe Hotting Hill

This beautiful honeycomb hotcake is a must try. The delicious silky creme freiche works perfectly with the berries and the honeycomb. The whole dish was brought together by gooey miso caramel, that had a nice salty-sweet taste to it. It looks tastier then it reads and it tastes even better then it looks.

Unfortunately on my visit they ran out of the Baja prawn corn tacos but I did manage to ask a fellow group next to my table as they had the last batch of the day and all three were giving it thumbs up. One guy called them a lip-smacking sensation. There is no way I can pass on tacos like that! So, I guess second visit is in order.Delicious menu at Dayrooms cafe in Notting Hillozone coffee at dayroom cafe in notting hill

Another dish that stood out was the sticky sesame chicken roll. Now, I love Asian inspired dishes and this one really hit all the right notes for me. The house pickled cucumbers and slaw together with the siracha and lime mayo really gave the dish nice flavor depth and helped cut through the marinated chicken. It smelled delicious and every bite was exciting.Honeycomb hot cake, sticky chicken roll, blueberry cake and flat white Dayrooms Cafe

Now, on top of all this goodness these guys also have quite a selection of freshly baked treats on the counter. I am a huge huge sucker for blueberry deserts and they do a very kick ass blueberry cake. This is a totally biased choice as blueberries are simply awesome. I am sure with the combined effort of the milkshake and desert selection available you will find a treat to enjoy.

Overall an incredibly pleasant experience with lots of variety in food and drinks. A truly great tasting coffee from one of my favorite roasters in London, OZONE coffee. A perfect spot to snuggle with a cup of tea or stay in for a chat with friends or family.

Flat coffee in Dayrooms Cafe Notting Hill London

Hope you enjoyed reading about The Dayrooms Cafe. For some other awesome food spots in the area please check out Undisputed Taco Champion in Notting Hill and Top 5 Foodie Spots in Notting Hill. Leave your thoughts down below, I would love to hear what you guys think. You can also see what am I currently up to on my Instagram and Facebook channels.

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