Dinner With a View – London, Sea Containers Restaurant

Dinner With a View – London, Sea Containers Restaurant

Sea Containers restaurant is located right on the River Thames walkway with a stunning view of St Paul’s Cathedral. Everything here from the interior all the way to the attentive staff is of the highest quality. The food is every bit as good and just like the name suggests seafood dishes are a definite highlight. Prepare yourself for mountains of enjoyment as this might easily be one of the best restaurants in London for special occasions and romantic dinners.A selection of starters from Sea Containers dinner menu with roasted peppers and squid fritters in the foreground.

Full disclosure guys. Whenever I hear about a place that has an amazing view my mind immediately thinks it will be mediocre and overpriced. Due to that mindset, there was a bit of prejudice going into our dining experience. And, boy oh boy, was I completely wrong. Sea Containers blew me away at every step of service and we ended up having an incredible evening that I will remember for long.Getting a taste of squid fritters at the bar area at Sea Containers.

The Food at Sea Containers

The menu consists of small bites, main courses and sharing dishes. The theme is field, land and sea with great options on all sides.

We started off with blistered patron peppers which were spicy and charred. Next up were the squid fritters with lime mayo (This was one of my favourite dishes). Each bite was an absolute flavour bomb and I could easily eat a bucket of them. The squid was perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It paired excellently with the zesty mayo and I definitely recommend ordering some for the table.

Their crab on toast was as fresh as you can get. The crab meat was served on creamy and zingy guacamole perched on toasted sourdough. To put it simply this rich creamy finger-licking deliciousness will leave you speechless. Prepare yourself for many uhh’s and ahh’s from enjoyment.

I’m a big fan of beef tataki, so when I saw seared skirt beef on the menu I immediately got curious. The steak was served with sweet and citrusy marinade topped with coriander leaves. The flavour combination was amazing and the steak almost melted in my mouth. A definite must try if you are here.

For our main, we shared a roasted John Dory. It was served with sweet Jerusalem artichoke puree and caramelised Brussels sprouts. Both worked equally well with fish. The potato cake served with it was uninteresting and a bit on a dry side. Overall a very pleasant dish but won’t make me scream about it to the whole world.

For dessert, I opted for chocolate lava cake with cherry compote and chantilly cream. Oh my, what a treat it was. Once cut through, hot chocolate was oozing out of the cake. There were no words as I was eating this dessert. A classical pudding that was executed well, you could not have asked for more.

A girl picking up a slice of toast topped with crab meat and jalapeno with some extra starters on the table.Roasted John Dory from Sea Containers dinner menu with a glass of white wine and some peppers as a side.

Toppedwith tip: Order a bunch of small plates to share: crispy squid, crab on sourdough toast and seared beef skirt are all absolute musts.

The Location

Now, I am a Londoner for the better part of the decade and have seen St Paul’s from every angle there is. However, seeing the magnificent Cathedral and having a gorgeous dinner next to it are two very different sensations. It definitely elevates your evening to a whole new level. Pair it with excellent wine and table service and you have a recipe for one incredible evening. A girl sampling a glass of white wine with St Paul's Cathedral in the background.


Finding a good place for dinner with a view in London is always a task and due to the price markup not always a pleasant one. When done right your evening transforms and London is once again filled with fun and excitement. Sea Containers absolutely nailed the balance between price, quality of food and gorgeous location. An absolute must to put on your list of restaurants with a view in London.A shot of the dining area ready for dinner service with clean and shiny glassware and menus.

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Cutting the chocolate lava cake with a spoon with the gooey chocolate center oozing out.


Adress – 20 Upper Ground London, SE1 9PD


Monday – Thursday: 6:30– 23:00
Friday-Saturday: 7:00 –23:00
Sunday: 6:30 – 23:00

WEBSITE – seacontaininersrestaurant.com