Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas – Pop Corn Pumpkin DIY

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas – Pop Corn Pumpkin DIY

Pumpkin decorating is, in my opinion, on of the best Halloween traditions. It really makes this holiday stand out. Every single design and drawing is unique, just like each and every pumpkin is a little different. Making a no carve pumpkin is a perfect opportunity to cut loose and let your personality shine through. Pop in a horror classic on the telly, invite a few friends and get creative. Just don’t forget the pumpkins.A girl putting final touches on an easy no carve pumpkin painted in classic pop corn colours. Pop Corn sign is being filled with white paint on a pumpkin for Halloween.

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

When choosing a pumpkin make sure there are no soft spots and the stem is intact. Wash and lightly scrub the pumpkin. Be careful not to scrub off any of the skin as it will accelerate the decomposing process.

Fully trace your design first. Always have it close by, in case you will need to retrace something later. Make sure to use a pen or a marker that washes away easily. That way you won’t have as much pressure to get everything right in one go.

Toppedwith tip: Best paint to use on pumpkins is acrylic. It dries nicely and leaves an even coat. Plus it is widely accessible from any arts and supplies store.

Carve out the top and remove all the soft bits from inside. Make sure you remove as much from the walls as possible. Dry out the inside with a paper towel.

Have all your art supplies next to you and ready for use. When painting the pumpkin do at least two coats (Three is preferable). Let a little time pass in between layers as that will let you see where you should apply a little more paint. Let the paint dry out naturally to avoid any cracks.

Before pouring in the pop corn I would wrap the inside with clingfilm as it reacts with the moist flesh quite quickly (especially if sweet) and your pumpkin will last only one evening. If you want to make one that will last longer on the display simply don’t carve the pumpkin and hot glue some popcorn to the top.

A shot from above of a finished painted pumpkin with some pop corn and Halloween themed biscuits around.An easy pop corn pumpkin decorating design with some popcorn, movie tickets and autumn leaves around.

You can also check out a little video I made of my workflow here.A decorated pumpkin filled with pop corn with a biscuit skeleton on top and some Halloween themed candy around.

Easy Pumpkin Decorating The Conclusion

The best thing about a no carve pumpkin is that everybody can make one. Bring your favorite pop culture moments to life with some awesome designs.  I would love to see all of your works so tag me in your Instagram posts with @toppedwith.

Hope you enjoyed reading my easy pumpkin decorating article. For some other cool stuff check out my visit to a local pumpkin patch and my top 5 foodie places in Notting Hill area. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest London related goodness.

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AN artistic flatlay of pop corn falling into the painted Halloween pumpkin.