58 Hours in Edinburgh – Travel Guide for Newcomers

58 Hours in Edinburgh – Travel Guide for Newcomers

I couldn’t be happier to kick start my 2018 travelling year with a short trip to Edinburgh. It’s the perfect city to see within 58 hours. It’s small enough to visit every corner ( be it by bus or on foot) and it never gets dull. Literally every single spot we visited was as pretty as a picture and I don’t think my camera had to work as much as it did during this city break. Regardless of whatever you’ll decide to do in Edinburgh, you are going to have an amazing time. I GUARANTEE YOU.A shot of a girls walking boots with a beautiful cobblestone mews in the background in Central Edinburgh

Down below I have listed my favourite parts and places from this trip. Think of it as a light version of a travel guide to Edinburgh. So grab a cuppa and continue reading.

Dean Village

We flew to Edinburgh early in the morning and after all the security checks and a quick city shuttle ride we were on Princess street by 11ish. WE headed straight to Dean Village. It’s about 20-minute walk from city centre and it’s one of the cutest places you will see. It’s straight out of a storybook with its cobbled streets, timbered cottages and lots of charm. Turn off your google maps, get your camera ready and just get lost in its beauty.

Also, during my stay I’ve heard that you can rent out the tower on the photo below through Airbnb. To whoever will find the link please share it with us in the comments below. šŸ™‚

A view from a bridge on Dean village and Water of Leith river

Food and Drink: Don’t forget to take a quick caffeine pick me up on Cairngorm CoffeeĀ Cafe ( it’s on the way to the village) and try some of their delicious sandwiches.


This neighbourhood is also not far away from city centre but it’s hidden enough to keep a low profile. The place is full of tiny coffee shops, boutiques and parks from where you can see a beautiful skyline of Edinburgh.The view on Edinburgh rooftops and mountain range from Edinburgh Castle grounds

Food and Drink: We had a super lovely lunch at The Pantry Stockbridge, which is something between a coffee shop, brunch place and a gastro pub. We had smoked pulled pork burger (hello Juicy Lucy) and Cullen Skink which was absolutely finger-licking delicious. Halloumi fries with pomegranate molasses were just bang on.A plate of hearty homemade cullen skink in the foreground with a juicy pulled pork burger in the background. Also some halloumi fries on the side.

Circus Lane Mews

One of the places I kept seeing on Instagram were Circus Lane Mews. If you look at my collections on IG, you will probably find a lot of variations of this place – it’s because I LIKE it so much. It was totally worth the walk and your camera will love you for that. Be prepared to snap tons of pictures.

Calton Hill

Probably one of the best views in town. The scenery of the castle, the sea and the mountains is just BREATHTAKING. We spent an hour in the freezing cold shooting a sunset time lapse and it was totally worth it (there is a link to the video down below). Just stand there in silence for a couple of minutes and soak in the view.A shot from Calton Hill with the sun setting behind the Edinburgh city landscape.

ToppedWith tip: Go there during either the sunrise or sunset to capture the city at its most gorgeous. But please dress up warm- it gets quite windy out there.

National Museum of Scotland

One of the biggest surprises and highlights during this short trip to Edinburgh was The National Museum of Scotland. It’s free, it’s fun and you can spend hours wandering around and never get bored.

Also, the first time I entered the main reception hall I very audibly gasped. No photograph will be able to give you that sense of scale so do yourself a favor and pop in for a truly unforgettable memory.

We also stumbled across a concert of a small local band playing Scottish National music and folk dance which was just mind-blowing.A view on the main hall of The National Museum of Scotland

Food and Drink: Just a couple of minutes away we found The Checkpoint, this hip place does all day dining and cocktails at night. According to The Times, it isĀ one of the “25 coolest restaurants in Britain” with vintage chic feel to it. We had a fab evening there tasting their beers and old fashioned’s.

A skeleton of a large stag with giant beautiful antlers in the foregound and a skeleton of a dinosaur in the background at The Scottish National Museum

Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile and Victoria Street.

Let’s be honest you can’t travel to Edinburgh and not visit the castle- it’s just there. Take an afternoon stroll along Royal Mile which is full of cute souvenir shops and roasted hog sandwiches. It will take you directly to the castle and also to this very pretty pink building. I’ve been told its a residential house so dips on the Gryffindor looking tower.A cute castle like building that is slightly narrow in the base and a little wider at the roofA girl snapping a photograph of a clock tower on her phone

Food and Drink: Come through to the colourful Victoria street and after a bit of shopping pop for lunch to Hula. Their wraps are burrito-luscious and their soup of the day is fit for a viking. Honestly, for Ā£20 you will get 2 coffees, water and 2 decent meals that will keep you going till evening.

A girl is looking into the distance from the viewing platform next to Edinburgh Castle

Where to stay

We stayed at our lovely super host Stuarts’ home, which we booked through Airbnb. His apartment is probably the most Hich Tech place I have ever stayed at. There is a loudspeaker in the shower ( for all those Bruno Mars songs to sing along). He has a Nintendo 64 along with Mario Kart which I spent 4 hours playing one night (I’m a huge fan) and Google Home. I have never used the last one and absolutely loved it. We kept asking a gazillion questions, such as, what’s the weather in Edinburgh, requested to play our favourite songs and turning the heating on by just saying “Ok Google, I’m cold”. HOW AWESOME IS THAT. Ā If you are looking for a place to stay in Edinburgh Stuart is your guy.A girl playing Nintendo 64 in the living roomA girl is standing in the middle of Victoria terrace in Edinburgh under a slow snowfall

I hope you have found these recommendations useful and some of them might be of help when planning your short trip to Edinburgh. There is also a vlog I have made from this trip which you can see on my Youtube channel. Follow my adventures on Instagram and do share someĀ of your Edinburgh highlights down in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Mucho Love