Experience character and passion at FED by Water

Experience character and passion at FED by Water

I love the excitement I get when visiting a new place. Especially when it blows away any expectations you might have. Recently after eating at the amazing FED by Water, I am seriously considering moving back to east London. It is probably one of the most satisfying dining experiences I had in a while. They ticked all the boxes for me.  The menu is incredibly detailed and delicious. You could feel that a lot of love and passion was put into it.

Naturally, I wanted to include FED by Water (link here) into my #veganuary coverage. So I hit them up with an email aching to learn more. In no time I sat down with Fabio. The man who is behind the concept and in general a very sweet and thoughtful owner of Fed.Fed by Water
Can you tell me more about the name and the idea behind the concept?

It is very simple actually. Almost everything that we eat comes into contact with water. By using the purified water, we ensure that the quality of the food is not compromised. The meals taste better and vegetables carry more nutritional value to the final dish. Everything that is on our menu is being fed by the purest water, hence the name “Fed by Water”.Fed By WaterIt’s nice to see things done properly. Were you always set on opening in Dalston or did you consider any other areas?

I grew up in East London. I know this part of the city very well and I love it very much. It was never a question of where to open. Plus the vegan community is strong in this area. On the side note, maybe for my second site, we at Fed by water will consider West London.

I’ve heard your vegan pizzas are considered to be one of the best in town. How do you go about creating your recipes?

We are very keen on being seasonal. It keeps our menu fresh and exciting. I have a very stunning team working here with me. More often than not when it comes to creating recipes everybody chips in. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the original idea came from as everyone is so passionate. We think of it as a group effort.Fed by WaterFed by water

What would you say are your biggest challenges?

FED by Water is not really big, however, we have quite a large team supporting it. The kitchen is as small as they come, so my chefs work tirelessly to make sure that we have everything prepared fresh before service starts. I and my team share a high standard of quality. It is definitely an uphill battle and at times could be overwhelming but the end result is worth all the effort we put in.

I am very proud of what we do here.  Especially, of all the people who work with me to help realise it.Fed by Water

Wow, all I can add is that it is noticeable from the very first moment you enter. I also wanted to ask how do you feel about the whole #veganuary? 

Very positive, it does create a lot of awareness. During this time, you can see a lot of non-vegan guests. I love seeing how they genuinely enjoy their meal. It is nice to know that the community is growing and everyone helps to spread the good word.

That is fantastic to hear. Maybe you can share your favourite spots in the area?

Probably my favourite spot is “Cook Daily” in Shoreditch Boxpark. It’s like a home away from home. Very cool vegan spot, honestly, could not recommend it enough.

Thank you, Fabio, for your time. Can you tell me if there is anything special planned for Fed by water in 2017?

At this time the restaurant keeps me busy. Right now, we are trying to create even more amazing specials to go for next the season. Definitely follow us on our social media for more updates or appearances. Facebook page here.Fed by WaterFed by Water

I hope you enjoyed reading about FED and his team. Also, I really want to mention the desert menu, it is probably the most impressive selection I’ve ever seen in a vegan restaurant. Definitely, try the raw cheesecake, as it is simply divine. (Still dreaming about it).Cheesecake Fed by Water

In conclusion, I wish Fabio and his team all the best. FED by Water explores beyond what is expected and goes that extra mile. We need more places like that in London.

As always guys thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments down below.

Mucho love,

Polina.Fed by Water