Japanese Food Crawl – Central London

Japanese Food Crawl – Central London

Probably one of the funnest, definitely the tastiest way to explore an area is a food crawl. You get to finally visit all the places your friends keep telling you about as well as taste some of the best dishes London has to offer. The walking bit should help with the exercise portion of the day (Key word being should). The main point to remember is to order just a bit at each of the places and you will be alright. So, get your walking shoes ready, fire up that camera and away we go.

Finally, this is by no means a definitive guide as places keep opening up. It is fully based on my preferences so take it with a grain of salt. I do want to highlight that I always keep coming back to these food spots despite the newer options.

A girl holding a matcha latte just outside of a Japanese patisserie in London.A shot of a matcha latte in a hand crafted coffee cup with a view of a Kova coffee shop in the background. Tiny place with a small glass counter filled with delicious pastries.

KOVA – Japanese Cafe and Patisserie

This is definitely one of my favourite little hole in the wall type places. I absolutely love the fact that this Japanese patisserie is not located on the main road. The staff at Kova is extremely polite and the subdued design of the cafe reminds me of early mornings in Tokyo. All the little treats and cakes at Kova are finger-licking and delicious. Also, they serve coffee in the most adorable cups ever! (If my Secret Santa is reading this, you know what to do). The quality of service and coffee is on par with some of the best hipster joints in London. Let this place be your ‘hidden gem’ and a tiny reward for turning the corner from the high street.A close up shot of a girl holding a matcha latte with a beautiful heart shaped latte art. The coffee cup is handcrafted ceramic on a wooden saucer.A girl holding a tuna and nori poke bowl on the streets of London during summer.

Tombo – Hawaiian Style Poke Bowl and Matcha Bar

Tombo is one of the first places that really kicked off the Hawaiian style poke bowl craze in London. The service here is quick and friendly. A perfect place for lunch with a friend. Although, poke bowl is probably what you will order it is far from the only good thing on the menu. What I really want to talk about is Tombo’s indulgent matcha soft serve. It is a true highlight and one that definitely everybody needs to try. Arguably this matcha ice-cream is the best in all of London.A girl holding a matcha soft serve ice cream from Tombo with their logo in the background.

Bone Daddies – Best Ramen Joint in London

For the past year or two ramen places are slowly creeping into the daily routine of Londoners. This is all possible thanks to places like Bone Daddies where ramen is soo good no words can describe it. The place itself is a great fusion of a trendy dive bar and a ramen shop. My personal recommendation is YUZU TONKOTSU. The 20 hour pork bone broth is rich and unlike any I have tasted. The yuzu adds a very playful note and helps to cut through the rich delicious broth. Also, their Korean Chicken wings are very punchy and delicious. A must order and will go down nicely with that Friday beer.

A plate of Korean Chicken wings next to a pork bone broth ramen with a pair of chopsticks on top.

Slurp your way to a happier you.

A girl lifting the noodles from a bowl of pork ramen.

Japan Center – Modern Japanese Supermarket and Restaurant

If getting a delicious quick lunch is what you are after than Japan Center is where you want to be. Priced exactly like any other Japanese takeaway in Central London you will be pleasantly surprised on the difference in quality. Everything is made fresh and the amount of options is staggering. It will take you more than a few visits to go through them all. Japan Center has recently moved to a new, more spacious location which is pure pleasure to visit. Be sure to leave yourself at least 15 extra minutes as you will want to browse through the shop itself and maybe pick up some prime grade miso paste.A girl rubbing the chopstick together (removes all the splinters) before enjoying a delicious bowl of Hawaiian style poke.

Hope you enjoyed my Japan Food crawl and maybe even found something new for yourself. Happy eating everybody! For some more London FOOD OBSESSIONS check out the story of the unicorn and my favourite Japanese extravaganza dining experience. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest London related goodness.

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A girl sitting on a bar stool, looking away whilst holding a cup of coffee.