Jusu Brothers Notting Hill – Raw Juice Bar and Restaurant

Jusu Brothers Notting Hill – Raw Juice Bar and Restaurant

Jusu Brothers is definitely the type of place you should star on google maps. When exploring Notting Hill this pan-asian juice bar and restaurant embodies all of the areas characteristics. A big hit with the locals. It offers a wide range of raw juices as well as some truly delicious Asian inspired small bites and main courses. You can feel that great love and care is put into fresh seasonal produce. With a bright and stylish interior and a menu packed full with nutritious goodness this is a fantastic place to give the body and mind a much needed break it deserves.Jusu Brothers juice bar and restaurant entrance.A large wire basket filled with fresh apples at Jusu Brothers Notting Hill.

Now, if there had been a ‘best avocado toast’ competition then Jusu Brothers would have won it. Probably a very strange thing to take away as a highlight from a whole restaurant experience. Saying that, it was one of the best avo’s on toast I had in London. And this is where the distinct Notting Hill flavor comes into play. The guys behind the gorgeous looking restaurant managed to combine our love for healthy food together with nutritious drinks. The menu is filled with Japanese inspired dishes alongside your usual suspects like french and avo toasts. The mix of cuisines is so seamless you don’t even notice. No small feat if you ask me and a great example for others to follow.Avo don with feta cheese next to an orange bowl and a latte on a white table at Jusu Brothers cafe.

ToppedWith tip: when planning a visit do consider having your lunch 30 minutes earlier then usual as they are very popular and fill up quickly at peak times.Jusu Brothers view of a spacious seating area with large open windows.Bright and stylish interior at Jusu Brothers restaurant with designer metal wire shelves and white tables.

Not only Jusu Brothers delivers on taste, they also deliver on presentation. Combine that with the bright environment of the restaurant and each dish is an Instagram masterpiece. This is for all of you guys who’s camera eats first (you know who you are).Vitamin rich orange bowl with raspberries and mango at Jusu Brothers restaurant.One of the things you must order from their menu is either red or orange bowl (orange on the picture above). The delicious mango and tangerine create a citrusy base for the smoothie with added heat from ginger. Topped with crunchy granola and sweet goji berries. Every mouthful was bursting with flavor. A definite must try, especially, if you like making smoothies at home. I know I picked up on a few new tricks from it.A great breakfast dish from Jusu Brothers breakfast menu. French toast with banana, cinnamon and maple syrup. With some delicious berry jam on the side.Next stop was the French toast. Always a great pick at any time of the day. The coconut oil makes the toast very fragrant and who doesn’t love a nice dollop of maple syrup with their toast? This was simply a plate full of lip-smacking goodness.Avo don topped with feta cheese and chili flakes, a part of all day breakfast menu at Jusu Brothers Notting Hill.Seems like I talked about the avocado don long enough in this post but my oh my was it sensational. Everything was simply delicious and every Londoner owes it to themselves to taste it. The secret was in the fresh and fragrant walnut bread that created an excellent base for the perfectly ripe avocados. We opted for crumbly feta cheese for extra moreish combination. They sprinkle the dish with some chili flakes so, in case you are not a fan, do ask them not to put any.A girl enjoying an orange smoothie bowl outside of Jusu Brothers restaurant.All in all I really enjoyed my visit to Jusu Brothers in Notting Hill and can easily recommend it. A great little place where you can eat delicious food and know that it is good for you, pair your meal with a refreshing raw juice to make sure you get the most out of your visit. Another great thing I personally admire is that they encourage stay ins with laptops for all those fellow blogger nomads out there. Fully equipped with electrical sockets and WiFi to fit all your online needs.Blue bowl with an orange granola smoothie next to a plate with avocado toast at Jusu Brothers.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Jusu Brothers restaurant and juice bar. For some other awesome food spots in the area please check out Taqueria Notting Hill and The Dayrooms Cafe.. Leave a comment with your thoughts down below. You can also see what am I currently up to on my Instagram and Facebook channels. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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PolinaView from the street at Jusu Brothers juice bar.