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My story

My name is Polina and I’m a co-founder of this food and travel blog which goes by the name of ToppedWith. The blog is about epicures food places, independent coffee shops, interviews with small businesses, travel tips and itineraries. The blog is known for its beautiful photography, snappy writing, and real value tips.

London Food and Travel Blogger

Who am I?

In my bones, I’m a travel junkie. One truly feels alive when visiting shrines at Miyajima island, getting lost in the urban jungle of Tokyo, sipping on never-ending Cuba Libres in Old Havana, chasing monkeys in Ubud forest and leading an expedition to Vietnam. So equipped with a degree in Adventure Tourism Management, my goal here is to get you off your couch and explore. Be it urban travel, city breaks or long distance adventures.

 Where am I?

As a base of operation, for this crazy adventure of mine, I chose London. It is a cosmopolitan capital where I keep meeting loads of people from all over the world which fuels my passion to travel even further. In my honest opinion, I feel like everyone should experience London like a local and in a way that’s what my blog is all about. London Food and travel Blogger

Why should you care?

The core of this blog is to write about places that truly deserve your attention. I promise to always deliver on detailed itineraries, useful information on destinations as well as some tips on how to make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable. Saying that, there is no such thing as a perfect holiday. Stressful situations will occur and that’s ok. These little imperfections are a part of your traveling experience and will make you cherish these happy moments that much more.

Want to see more? 

Besides my blog, I’m very active on the Instagram and you can check out some of my videos on  Facebook. I’m very open for collaborations and have worked with some of the brands already, you can find more details and testimonials on “Work with us” page.

I’m super excited that you decided to stop by and check out my blog. You are an absolute superstar and I love you already.

Mucho Love

PolinaLondon Food and travel Blogger