Why Nordic Bakery coffee shops are worth your time

Why Nordic Bakery coffee shops are worth your time

Nordic Bakery are a series of coffee shops located in Central London. They are best known for delicious cinnamon buns accompanied by a nice selection of Scandinavian open board sandwiches. These places are all about uncluttered environments, rights angles and good service. Perfect for catching your breath on a busy London day.

But is there any reason to visit Nordic Bakery apart from the desire of a fresh cinnamon bun? Are there any more layers to the coffee shop or is it just a product of a popular trend?A close up of a Nordic Bakery takeaway coffee cup with a black cab passing by.

After visiting their sites for few weeks and asking around I started noticing a very distinct similarity among the regulards. I got really surprised that the reason for frequenting Nordic Bakery was staring right at me from the very start. Their cafes are simply an excellent place to meet up and chat.

Nordic Bakery is a Cool and Unpretentious Place to Meet

Part of Nordic Bakery’s charm is its simplicity. The interior design is very spacious/uncluttered and functional, yet, still retaining its warmth. This is the kind of hygge magic only people from Northern Europe are capable of. Combine all of that with a simple menu, delicious pastries and good coffee and you have a recipe for an amazing place to share stories between friends and colleagues.

What some might perceive as a lack of “bells and whistles” in the cafe I find to be their greatest asset. There is no trendy music or crazy artwork to distract you. It is all pretty much about you and your companion…well, and coffee of course. Due to the nature of London coffee shops there is no pub like conversational hum going about so the energy of the place is very easy and relaxed.

I like to think of it as an empty canvas that me and my friends get to fill with conversation and our personalities.Nordic Bakery desert counter with cookbooks and blueberry sauces on the shelves.

Getting a Fresh Cinnamon Bun Feels like Christmas

The guys at Nordic Bakery got so good at making cinnamon buns it feels like a fine-tuned clock. There are never too many on the counter as they keep a steady supply of fresh ones coming in. More often then not you will not locate the mouthwatering treat you came in for just to find out that there is a fresh batch on the way.

That feeling of getting a delicious pastry right from the oven is something truly magical and will definitely lift any mood. And to think that this happens in Central London of all places!? It’s definitely the little things that make your day great.Two flat whites on a tray next to a selection of pastries from Nordic Bakery in the background.A shot from above of a blueberry pie, mini cinnamon bun, karelian pie with butter.

ToppedWith Tip: You must try their potato filled karelian pies with butter. They might not be as famous as some other Scandinavian pastries but they are every bit as orgasmic.

At the end of the day these are just my thoughts and I encourage you when visiting this place to make up your own decision on the cafe. A cinnamon bun and a coffee will set you back £6. And that is an acceptable price to pay for a chance to find your next favorite coffee shop.

A cup of coffee next to a mini cinnamon bun on a napkin.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Nordic Bakery. If you happen to be in the area and you are looking for some delicious food spots, please check out my favorite place for tacos and top 5 reasons why visit Farm Girl Cafe during the week. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook  for all the latest London related goodness.

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Nordic Bakery takeaway coffee with beautiful Kingly Court in the background.


Adress – 14a Golden Square, Soho, London W1F 9JG


Monday – Friday : 7:30– 20:00
Saturday: 08:30 –17:00
Sunday: 09:00 – 19:00

WEBSITE – http://nordicbakery.com