Indulgent vegan doughnuts at Peanut Butter Bakery

Indulgent vegan doughnuts at Peanut Butter Bakery

Let me start you off by saying that doughnuts from Peanut Butter Bakery are simply spectacular. Definitely a welcome addition to London’s vibrant food scene. Each and every one of them is hand-made and oozing with flavour. Did I mention that on top of everything else these bad boys are vegan?  A prime example of what can be done in very capable hands. These brioche style doughnuts are a proper indulgence and should be experienced by everyone.

When I met Lauren, the owner of the Peanut Butter Bakery (link here), she was every bit as sweet and lovely as I have imagined.  I adored our chat and was super happy to learn more about her doughnut filled days.Peanut Butter Bakery vegan doughnuts

What inspired you to open Peanut Butter Bakery?

I always loved baking and my family was telling me for years that I should do something with it. But it wasn’t until I decided to go vegan, which was over two years ago. Back then we were struggling to find sweet indulging things. So, I just had a go at making some vegan doughnuts, because I haven’t had one in so long. It was a huge success with all of my friends. Long story short, I did my first fair at the “Dog Star” in Brixton last April. Frankly, I didn’t think that anybody would be interested but we sold out in less than an hour. This was the sign for me that I am on the right track and it all started from there.

I love the fact that your doughnuts are brioche. Was there any particular reason why you decided on this?

At first, I started with traditional doughnuts. They were good, but I really wanted something lighter, something that felt a little more indulgent. So, after a lot of experimenting, I developed this brioche recipe myself, which I use for all of my doughnuts. Plus, I get loads of positive feedback so I know it was a right choice.

Peanut Butter Bakery selection of 12 different vegan brioche London doughnuts

Were you always set on opening a shop in Brick Lane and will we see more of you in London?

I wanted to open somewhere where there will be a good vegan scene, somewhere a bit lively. Brick lane sounded like the perfect location. You can find us there most Saturdays and Sundays. We also do various events across London, the last being Vegan Life Live held in Alexandra palace this January. Currently looking into doing one extra day during the week, maybe that will be in another location. Follow us on Facebook for all future updates.

Peanut Butter Bakery Vegan blueberry brioche doughnuts displayed with a cup of coffee on a background

Could you tell me a little more about what is happening behind the scenes of Peanut Butter Bakery?

When I am not in the market I spend my days in the kitchen experimenting and perfecting my recipes. I always listen to what my customers would like to see. In order to keep the menu fresh and exciting, we rotate our flavours. We do at least 5 different doughnut recipes every week. Some of them come back more often due to popular demand, such as “chai” and “chocolate cookie dough & marshmallow fluff” doughnuts.

I also try to be seasonal. For example, summertime we did “raspberry and rosewater” flavor, which everyone absolutely loved. I am hoping to revisit that again. Check out my social media for everything that we do.

Peanut Butter Bakery marshmallow vegan brioche London doughnut displayed

What can we expect from Peanut Butter Bakery this year?

This year we have a couple of weddings planned out which I am very excited to be a part of. We are definitely doing VegfestUK and will try our best to do a couple of more events. Maybe some of them will be outside London. Currently on the lookout for another location to trade from. I do not want to grow too fast and not be able to cope with the demand. We want to make sure we deliver on flavors with every doughnut.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Lauren and her bakery. You can always tell when a person pours all of their energy into something they love. I am fully on board with everything that she is doing and I wish her all the best. Peanut Butter Bakery is definitely worth your time as their doughnuts will surely brighten up your day.

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Peanut Butter Bakery vegan brioche londond doughnuts displayed on a tray