Snaps & Rye London – Best Places to Eat in Notting Hill

Snaps & Rye London – Best Places to Eat in Notting Hill

Snaps & Rye restaurant is located in West London and is just a quick walk from the busy Portobello Road. The menu here is exciting, modern and most importantly delicious. Everything from cured salmon and bread all the way to ketchup is made in house and is absolutely scrumptious. This fine restaurant was named one of the best restaurants in London on more than one occasion. But, most notably, it is run by two passionate people who wanted to bring a little bit of Denmark and its culture to our beloved capital. A definite must try by both tourists and locals alike.House cured salmon and scrambled eggs with the Full Danish next to it. A coffee and chocolate milk for drinks.

Now, for quite a while, hygge was at the center of conversation when it came to Scandinavian cafes and restaurants in London. To me it always felt a little strange. Mostly, because many places would be called hygge for their design where I always interpreted it as a feeling of enjoyment and comfort. It is as simple or complex as you want it to be.An interior shot of Snaps & Rye restaurant with gorgeous shelves on both sides filled with books, glasses and other Danish imports.

Saying all that, during my visit to Snaps and Rye I definitely felt the hygge vibe. The staff wasn’t just doing table service. It felt more like hosts entertaining their guests. A feeling I only get when dining together with friends at home. Now, because all of this is super subjective I can’t guarantee that upon your visit you too will reach the, oh so glamorous, state of hygge. However, it just might be worth the trip to find out.An interior shot of Snaps and Rye dining areas where wooden tables are set for service.

Toppedwith tip: Be sure to come hungry. Wether brunch, lunch or dinner the menu here is packed with delicious choices you will want to try out.

A shot of a latte next to house cured salmon and scrambled eggs breakfast.

 The Brunch Menu at Snaps & Rye

The first thing that sets this place apart are the open board sandwiches. Not only there is always quite a few to choose from they are also extremely delicious. Now, some combinations are more traditional and I encourage you to give them a shot. This is an excellent opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and explore new flavours. After all, London is full of these little gems, might as well go for it when opportunity presents itself.

As our main breakfast/brunch we had house cured salmon with scrambled eggs and homemade rye and the Full Danish breakfast with liquorice bacon, hog’s pudding, spinach, tomatoes, pickled mushroom and bloody viking ketchup.

The house cured salmon was an absolute treat both in taste and presentation. Pair it together with some fresh rye bread and you have a dish that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

If hungry the full Danish is a must order. Although only the ketchup was viking I would say that the whole dish is fit for a viking. The bacon with liqurice syrup was a pleasant surprise and really worked well together with pickled mushrooms. Kind of umami meets Danish flavours. If not a fan of anise flavor I would ask for bacon without the syrup. Otherwise, this is one breakfast perfect for cold mornings to get you fueled up for the whole day.A gorgeous white plate with an engraved snowflake on a wooden table.

Scandinavian Restaurant London – The Conclusion

It is an excellent brunch spot with strong coffee during the day and an incredible atmospheric dinner experience in the evening. The iconic Danish staples are worth the trip alone. It is a must visit food destination if you are in the area and it will be a great starting point to get the taste of the Scandinavian vibe in London.A girl cutting into a panna cotta with blueberry sauce and a ginger cookie.

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A girl pouring chocolate milk into the glass with The Full Danish breakfast in the foreground.


Adress – 93 Golborne Road, Notting Hill W10 5NL


Monday – Closed
Tuesday and Wednesday: 09:00 – 17:00
Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 09:00 – 23:00
Sunday: 09:30 – 17:00