Sticks n Sushi Covent Garden – Japanese Restaurant with Danish Roots

Sticks n Sushi Covent Garden – Japanese Restaurant with Danish Roots

Sticks n Sushi is a Japanese restaurant you will definitely fall in love with, that’s a promise. A very popular place for its outstanding quality sushi and impressive selection of yakitori sticks. What makes this restaurant unique is its Danish roots that shine through in the interior design and the menu. Sticks n Sushi is a spot that will transform any dinner occasion into something truly special. With a menu so diverse it will satisfy all moods and appetites. These guys definitely raised the bar when it comes to quality dining experiences.A girl pouring soy sauce with Sticks n Sushi dinner menu on the table

When you first enter you immediately get a sense of owe. The restaurant is very slick and modern looking, with its exposed brick walls and dimmed lights. The kind of atmospheric minimalism design only Scandinavians can pull off.  Waiters glide seamlessly through the restaurant and the overall vibe is very relaxed. Even the menu itself is like a work of art where each food entry gets a photograph, so you know straight away what the dish looks like. All the staff members are properly trained and know everything that Sticks n Sushi has to offer, inside and out. So, ask any questions you might have and they will be able to help.Stylish overhead shot of three starters (tune tartare, crab croquettes, grilled edamame beans) from Sticks n Sushi set close together on a black leather table

Now, lets not waste any more time and talk about the most important part of any restaurant review, the delicious food. And there is plenty of it.

ToppedWith tip: This is an excellent place for a business lunch during the week for that special customer you wouldn’t mind going an extra mile for.

Sticks n Sushi menuGrilled edamame beans next to crab croquettes at Sticks n Sushi

Probably one of the most popular starters to get in a sushi restaurant and definitely one that hardly impresses anyone is the edamame beans. Sticks n Sushi manages to surprise even here. The edamame beans are made to order, tossed on the grill with ginger, garlic and soy sauce. When they arrive at the table (and it happens lightning fast)  first thing that hits you is the incredible charred aroma. Each bite reminds me of summer BBQ’s. Could there be a better way to start your dinner?Sticks n Sushi starter selection featuring grilled edamame beans and crab croquettes. Overhead shot

The other popular choice are the crab croquettes with wasabi Caesar dressing. I must admit, at first, it sounded as quite an unusual combination. However, after the first bite of the crunchy golden ball filled with crab meat my mind was put at ease. The dressing that comes with the crab croquettes is sharp enough to cut through the rich flesh without being too overwhelming. An excellent starter with a nice crunch that is simply delicious.An overhead shot of tuna tartare, edamame beans and crab croquettes from the Sticks and Sushi menu

We also had a go at the tuna tartare. The presentation alone makes this a must try, with the rice chips sticking out of the bowl like a sail of a yacht. Every bite of the tuna tartare was full of flavor with some very distinct notes of yuzu and sesame. You could tell that a lot of care was put into making this dish.

A girl putting the tuna tartare plate on the table at Sticks n SushiFinally, the selection of sushi rolls available is very impressive with some definite classics alongside other re-imagined choices. We ordered Ebi Panko (tempura shrimp and avocado roll) and Pink Alaska (salmon, avocado and lumpfish roe). The rolls were fresh, delicious and exciting both in flavor and presentation.

Ebi Panko (tempura shrimp and avocado roll) centered on a plate, shot from aboveGirl lifting one Ebi Panko sushi piece from the plate, a shot from abovePink Alaska sushi roll in the foreground with avocado shrimp tempura sushi roll behind, grilled edamame beans in the foregroundOne of my personal favorites, and I’m sure many will agree, were the Grilled Scallops Nigiri (HOTATE YAKI). The perfectly cooked scallop topped with fish roe on a bite size rice log was outstanding. A mouthwatering bite that you will definitely want to repeat in the future.

Grilled scallop topped with trout roe from the Nigiri selection at Sticks n SushiA girl taking one Hotate Nigiri with sushi sticksThe key here is not to order too much. Sticks n Sushi restaurants are just as famous for their selection of yakitori sticks as they are for their sushi.Three yakitori sticks from Sticks and Sushi on a ceramic plate.overhead shot

When visiting S’n’S one simply must try some of the delicious yakitori sticks. We had bacon wrapped scallops which were plump and succulent. Both duck hearts in teriyaki sauce and breaded duck sticks were perfectly cooked. I especially loved dipping them into my new favorite wasabi Caesar sauce. King grilled oyster mushroom stick was simply divine, still a bit crunchy with miso herb butter adding that special umami taste. A perfect way to finish our dinner. (Sorry guys, there was no room for deserts)

A selection of yakitori sticks from Sticks n Sushi menu. Going from right to left: Duck hearts, king oyster mushrooms, scallops wrapped in panceta, chicken teriyaki meatballs.Selection of yakitori sticks on the wooden bord to the left and avocado shrimp tempura sushi to the right

Overall Sticks n Sushi is a very impressive restaurant that manages to wow their guests at every turn of service. This was not my first visit and it will definitely not be the last. The menu is packed with delicious dishes for pretty much any occasion. Pair it with some cocktails from the bar and watch your night transform from normal to outstanding.A girl pouring soy sauce with Sticks n Sushi dinner menu on the table

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PolinaGirl taking one avocado shrimp tempura sushi roll with sushi sticks