T2 Tea Masterclass – Brew Tea The Right Way

T2 Tea Masterclass – Brew Tea The Right Way

T2 tea masterclass was one of the funnest things I have done in July. Truly a place where true love and passion for tea comes before everything else. T2 Shoreditch store with tea sets on the shelf Blue tea cup on the shelf at T2 Shoreditch

Tea drinking is somewhat of an obsession of mine when it comes to beverages. Nothing beats a nice cuppa on a rainy day to warm you up or some tea and biscuits in the afternoon. Tea is the first thing I make when I wake up. Now, I know what you are going to say ‘But what about coffee?’. As much as I love it and believe me I do. Half this blog is dedicated to coffee drinking and its vibrant culture. There is only so much coffee one person can take in a day. Tea on the other hand is a whole different ball game and one that, in my opinion, deserves way more attention. Tea can be strong, sweet, fruity, boozy, iced or garnished and this is only the tip of the iceberg. You can always mix blends together and get pretty much an infinite number of amazing tea combinations. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Having said all of that most of the time I use just one type of tea and very rarely do anything but pour boiling water over it (please don’t judge me). Recently I have decided that it is time to expand my tea drinking knowledge. I got in contact with T2 tea to see if they are willing to fix my horrible tea habits. I must say even I was blown away by their response. These guys are so cool and passionate about tea that they organized a whole masterclass just for me at their T2 Shoreditch branch. So, without a moments notice I grabbed my pineapple tote, hopped on the tube and 3 plants vs zombies games later I was at the Shoreditch T2 store.

T2 tea MasterclassSencha peach iced tea making set at T2 Shoreditcha girl sampling tea at T2 Shoreditch

First thing I was asked before we dove in was what kind of flavors do I enjoy at this moment. An excellent move on their part as T2 shops have whole walls filled with tea so it is easy to get overwhelmed.  I chose a peach green tea, a matcha based tea and I was dying to learn how to make a proper turmeric chai latte.

Emma, the girl who was doing the tea masterclass with me, was such a dear. She made the whole process fun and interesting and not even once have I been overloaded with information. After the session I felt that I truly learnt something and is that not a staple of a successful masterclass?T2 tea matcha kit on a black traySmelling tea grade matcha from a metal canPouring matcha green tea into a blue jug with ice and lemonsSampling T2 matcha iced drinkT2 matcha green tea lemonade

Now I know how to make quick iced teas that taste great. That there are different grades of matcha and why mixing matcha powder with water using a fork instead of a whisk is a mistake (whilst whisking you introduce oxygen that helps the matcha to foam up and release all the green tea goodness better). Finally, I have a foolproof method of making turmeric chai latte. Yay!T2 tea turmeric chai latte ingriedientsT2 tea masterclass where two girl are discussing how to prepare golden milka black tray with turmeric chai latte ingredientsT2 tea Shoreditch store with the turmeric latte set on the table

The time I’ve spent making teas flew by as it tends to do when you are having fun. Here you can find all the links to the recipes that me and Emma have made on the masterclass.  Easy Iced Tea, Matcha Fresh.

Whenever I get to go into one of T2 tea stores I always get excited. Partly because one of my absolute favorite stories growing up was ‘Alice in wonderland’ specifically the part with the mad hatter and the tea party. T2 stores are always filled with teas sets, pots of variable sizes and shapes, different mugs and other cool looking tea equipment. The shops itself are filled with aromas and colorful tea infusions which make you want to crawl down the tea rabbit hole. (T2 if you are reading this, please, lets organize a ‘Mad hatters’ tea party)T2 tea Shoreditch shopT2 orange and blue tea sets stacked

Hope you enjoyed reading about T2 tea experience. Please check out some of my other work about places in London that I have covered here on the blog. Also, leave a comment with your thoughts down below, tell me your favorite tea combo. You can also see what am I currently up to on my Instagram and Facebook channels. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Mucho Love,

PolinaDrinking tea out of a fancy tea cup at T2 ShoreditchShoreditch London a girl holding T2 bag next to the black graffiti backgroundA girl holding a T2 takeaway iced tea