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Vegetarian Vietnamese SpringRolls ( Cuon)

I love eating with my hands. The feeling when you hold your food with your hands is liberating and I literally become one with my food, no joke…So I’ve decided to share Vietnamese SpringRoll recipe as it is one of my favourite finger foods.

I can’t even remember when I had my first SpringRoll, do you? There are two kinds of them, the fried and the fresh one made with rice paper sheets. The latter one is obviously the healthiest option. It is super easy, you just wrap your favourite vegetables and fruit into the rice paper sheet and voila, you have your healthy meal ready, eaten obviously with hands! Pair it with sweet ginger chilli dipping sauce for extra heat.c

I have gathered all the leftovers in the fridge and put my Bossanova playlist on and kept on Rollin’…

Vietnamese Spring Roll

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