Coffee shop with heart and Soul – The Watch House

Coffee shop with heart and Soul – The Watch House

The Watch House is one of those shops that you wish you had in your area. The café is tastefully designed with artwork hanging from its walls. The place itself is filled with complementing aromas of freshly baked goodies mixed together with coffee. The staff at The Watch House are genuine and you can tell that they are having a good time as well. It is definitely a coffee shop that you will want to go back to.

I am really glad that London can still surprise me with great places like The Watch House. It makes me really happy seeing the direction coffee shop owners take nowadays, constantly working on improving the coffee scene.

From the very first moment I stepped into the small octagonal-shaped building, I knew that I wanted to share their story. The very next week I sat down with Roland Horne, founder of The Watch House, to get a little peak on how this whole concept came about.Take away coffee cup pictured in front of The Watch House Bermondsey London

What is the idea behind The Watch House?

I believe that if you are going to have a cup of coffee with friends you’d always rather have it in a space you enjoy to be in. The concept behind the Watch House was to provide quality locally sourced food together with excellent coffee in our unique and interesting setting. People want authenticity, that is key.

Nowadays coffee shops, especially specialty coffee places, are the modern pubs for people to socialise and conduct their business in. I and my team are very proud to be part of it.

Cup of coffee in hand in front of fire place in The Watch House Bermondsey London

What makes The Watch House such a hit with the locals?

As I mentioned, I believe being authentic is key. It is all about having that sense of community and being real about it. Londoners want to know that we are a part of their life. In my eyes, people really enjoy spending their time in a place that doesn’t feel commercialised. Also, being consistent with what we do on a daily basis is an essential part of it. Everybody coming to us can always expect high quality.

We tend to mainly work with small independent companies, that provide with excellent quality products. That’s probably one of the perks of the area since South East London is very vibrant in that regard. Supporting their passion is very important to us, and in a way, they support us back. People can see that and it really resonates with them.Selection of sweet cakes in The Watch House BermondseySelection of fresh baked sandwiches and breads in The Watch House Bermondsey London

Can you tell me what is the secret behind your excellent coffee? 

From the very beginning, we knew that we didn’t want just a great coffee supplier. I wanted to find somebody who would understand that we wanted to innovate alongside them and co-exist in that space. A partnership that led to us sharing this passion and knowledge which goes into making our delicious cup of coffee.

Back when I was still doing research and development I met with Ozone Coffee Roasters at the London Coffee Festival. I knew from the first moment I met them we would be a perfect partnership for two relatively new companies. Ozone are constantly perfecting what they do and are looking for the same in everyone who they work with. We respect their brand, ethos and approach – and as a result, we have our own special exclusive blend which is available only in our shops. We are very proud to work together with such amazingly talented group of people, at both The Watch House and Ozone.

Fresh coffee pouring from coffee machine in The Watch House Bermondsey LondonBarista doing latte art in the Watch House Bermondsey London

What role does social media play in the life of The Watch House? 

We strive to develop our own unique voice around all of our social media platforms. This has to reflect our brand value and achieving that is a challenging but fun task. I think it plays a crucial role in connecting us to our communities. At all of our Houses, we have a marketing specialist team member who handles our social media channels on the ground, ready to engage with the public and answer any questions as and when needed.

We really like Instagram as a platform, that’s how we found some of the providers we work with. It is a very good source of inspiration and works as a bridge between our cafes and small business owners.

Aprons are handing on the white brick wall in The Watch House Bermondsey London

What can we expect from The Watch House in 2017? 

We are currently working on our 3rd site which is going to be located on Fetter lane in the City. It is going to be a small and cosy place with a slightly different approach. During the day we would be serving brunch, fresh sandwiches, and savory items, of course coffee and our usual suspects.  Then come evening it will transform into a nice wine/cocktail bar with seasonal modern British small plates and live music. Again we are looking to source as many of our products from the local area, working alongside local artists, musicians and providers.

We are also going to be one of the coffee providers at the Balance Festival in May, which we are really excited to be a part of. For all future updates please follow us on Facebook as there is more exciting news coming out later this year.

Consumer buying coffee in The Watch House Bermondsey London

I am glad that I got to meet Roland and talk about his business. It is people like him that will help propel this industry to never before seen heights. His detailed hardworking approach and desire for excellence was very inspiring.

During the interview, Roland spoke very warmly about his team emphasising that they play an equally important role in the life of The Watch House. I want to wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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