Surrounded by creativity – Timberyard coffee shop

Surrounded by creativity – Timberyard coffee shop

Timberyard is definitely one of my favorite coffee shops in London. But it is not just a coffee shop, it is a social hub where you are the main focus. Timberyards (link here) well-decorated spaces and friendly staff will make you feel welcome every day of the week. Their expertly crafted cups of coffee and mountains of delicious cake are going to keep you energized throughout the day. If you think that wasn’t enough TYUK takes it even further by supporting numerous communities and small businesses by organizing pop-up events on their premises.

I love to come to Timberyard for creative inspiration, many blog posts were written whilst sipping coffee at one of their locations. Timberyard is full of life, there is so much great energy from all around. You really get the sense of belonging and that feeling keeps you coming back for more. I was always fascinated by how they do it, so I sat down with Darren, one of the founders of Timberyard, to find out more.

Timber yard people serving food at coffee shop

What makes Timberyard special?

We are all about tea and coffee to a specialty level, but the slight difference with us is that we offer workspace as well. Our properties are spacious and we encourage people to conduct their business and do their work. The idea is to come here for breakfast and stay right through the day. All of this helped us to attract great talent, which we are very thankful for as they are some of the coolest people we know.

The fact that TY could be perceived as an enabler for other creative businesses is probably one of the best personal achievements. We all work from our shops, we sit alongside our customers and we just overhear what they think of Timberyard. Getting that positive feedback all the time is super rewarding and this is something that keeps us going.Timber yard delicious cake selection at Soho brach

I know I got hooked on your coffee from the very first cup. What is the success behind Timberyard’s coffee?

Mainly, we have chosen very well who to work with from the very start. Some of it were luck and some were listening to advise. When it comes to coffee our pallet is quite good. We are not baristas but we are definitely coffee consumers.

Also, we have been able to, from day one, employ Yuko. She is our star barista and a tremendous talent in the coffee world. On top of that, she is absolutely adorable with the most wonderful temperament. Everyone wants to work with her and get to know her. I do genuinely believe she is a huge factor why our coffee continues to refine and improve.

We also work with different roasters (Climpson & Sons and The Barn) which give us a range of coffee to choose from. What it means is that our customers can continue to sample new flavours, so it’s always exciting.

Timber yard coffee during down from coffee machine

The food always looks very enticing. How do you decide what goes on the menu?

Right from the very beginning, we knew that we want to be as fresh and colorful as we possibly can. You may notice, the majority of the menu is vegetarian. We felt like we had a duty to provide people with a balanced diet. Also, our customers have very much directed our menu. They are all very educated about what they eat as it really dictates how creative and productive they can be. That relationship helps us to continuously refine what we do as well as who we work with.

Timberyard soups and mint tea in Seven dials branch

What inspires you to do pop-up events at Timberyard?

Pop-ups are very important to us. We are all a very colorful bunch and we love the vibrancy of what we do. Our aim was never to just open and close a coffee shop, it needed to be much more than that.  We want to create lots of reasons to come here. The last pop-up was yoga, which was excellent. The whole space got transformed for that event. There were yoga mats instead of chairs and the place was filled with scented candles. Our yoga teacher even made a goodie bag for each person participating in the event. To put it simply, we want to see yoga done in our spaces. Perhaps there will be an opportunity to do it permanently on our new site.

Timber yard people are working behind big table and socialising

What is in store for Timberyard in 2017?

This year is very exciting for me and my team. We have been selected by Facebook to open two Timberyard locations within their new London headquarters at the end of the year. We are very close to signing on our next location in Shoreditch. There are also a number of projects that we are currently working on. Keep your eyes peeled and follow us on Twitter for all the juicy updates.

Timberyard wooden board with coffee and beetroot hummus and avocado open sandwich on top

Nowadays it is more and more common to work from many locations, you are no longer tied to a desk and the only tools you need is a strong internet connection and a laptop. I think because of that people are now looking for new stimulating social hubs where they will be free to work away, conduct their business and catch up with friends all under one roof. In my eyes, Timberyard is definitely one of the first cafes to help reimagine that concept. It is no longer just about the coffee, it is also about being part of something bigger. All I can add is to check them out for yourself and I know you will be impressed by what you will discover. Follow TYUK on social media as they do many cool things and are always looking to engage with their audience.

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