My Top 5 Food Places in Notting Hill – a Foodie Guide to the Area

My Top 5 Food Places in Notting Hill – a Foodie Guide to the Area

One of the better-known areas in London is Notting Hill. It is most famous for its colorful houses, numerous beautiful mews and of course Portobello street market. With millions of people visiting each year it is no surprise that the hospitality business is on the rise with plenty of interesting choices popping out. The food scene here has a very distinct style and flavor. Definitely a more brunch heavy and health-oriented neighborhood with plenty of interesting foodie spots to enjoy. Either way, it is a must visit whether you are new to London or a long time citizen.

The question is though, with so many choices, where to eat in Notting Hill? Which cafes and restaurants are worth your time and money and which ones to avoid?

Now, I have been a Londoner for more than 6 years and have had all types of food at all kinds of times in this area. I wanted to present you with a healthy variety of options ranging from a coffee shop all the way to dinner service. So, without further ado, here are my top 5 food places in Notting Hill London.A girl picking out something from an antique shops outside area.

TAB x TAB Coffee Shop

TAB x TAB coffee shop is located on Westbourne Grove high street only minutes away from Portobello road. Not only TAB x TAB delivers on some of the best coffee in Notting Hill it also knocks it out of the park with its modern design and premium quality feel. The cafe has a spacious high ceiling interior with long French windows. There are numerous plants dotted around the coffee shop that create a very cozy and pleasant environment. In addition, the stylish TAB x TAB is fully equipped with electrical sockets, strong WiFi and comfy seats for all those modern workers out there.

Two cups of coffee and delicious avocado on toast (which is absolutely sublime) will set you back about £13.Two pieces of avocado on toast topped with cashew and lime dressing. Two handmade ceramic cups of coffee in the background.

Farm Girl Cafe – Most Instagrammable Brunch Spot

The Farm Girl Cafe is one of my favourite food places in Notting Hill. What separates this brilliant Australia-inspired brunch place is its beautiful location and amazing attention to detail when it comes to food and coffee. Here you can always count on friendly service and delicious seasonal menu. Hidden away in the gorgeous courtyard, just off Portobello street market, this lovely cafe will definitely leave you speechless and wanting for more.

This is a very popular spot during weekends with large queues. I highly recommend going there during the week for a real taste of what these guys have to offer. A delicious, Instagram worthy brunch for two will cost you about £ 25- £30.A overhead view of the lunch selection at Farm Girl Cafe. A girl is holding a plate of delicious buckwheat pancakes and a rose petal latte, egg shaushuka in the background.

Snaps and Rye- Food Places in Notting Hill

Snaps and Rye is this tiny adorable foodie place in Notting Hill with a cute and intimate setting. The place is filled with warm cosiness that only Danes know how to pull off. It is an excellent brunch spot with strong coffee during the day and incredible atmospheric dinner experience during the evening. Packing a very flavoursome and filling menu in both occasions Snaps and Rye also serves a very delicious range of open style sandwiches. These iconic Danish staples are worth the trip alone. It is a must visit food destination if you are in the area and it will be a great starting point to get the taste of the Scandinavian vibe in London.

Brunch for two will cost you £25-£28. There is also a rotating menu of £35, served on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.A full Danish breakfast from Snaps + Rye breakfast menu. On the plate: viking ketchup, liquorice bacon and a mustard soaked bread. An absolutely must get.

Jusu Brothers – Healthy Superfood restaurant in Notting Hill

Jusu Brothers is definitely the type of place you should star on google maps. This trendy juice bar and restaurant embodies all of the area’s characteristics. A big hit with the locals. It offers a wide range of raw juices as well as some truly delicious Asian inspired small bites and main courses. With a bright and stylish interior and a menu packed with nutritious goodness, this is a fantastic place to give your body and mind a much-needed break it deserves.

Nourishing lunch for two will cost you £30-£35 (starters and drinks included).A healthy and delicious orange bowl from Jusu brothers all day breakfast menu. Packed with flavor and nutrition. There is a plate with avocado on toast topped with feta cheese in the foreground.

Dayrooms Cafe – Aussie Brunch in London

Boasting an incredibly delicious menu that will fit any mood this Australian inspired cafe will quickly become your go-to place. It is located on a quiet residential street literally seconds away from Portobello road. The polite and attentive staff will make you feel right at home and the food will make you want to stay. Don’t forget to leave some space for delicious home-baked desserts. I personally recommend going for the honeycomb hot cake.

The Aussie brunch will cost you about £28-£35.A gorgeous selection of food from Dayrooms Cafe menu. In the front a honeycomb and miso caramel hotcake and a sticky chicken bun. At the back a flat white and a blueberry cake.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5 food places in Notting Hill London. For more FOOD OBSESSIONS check out the story of the unicorn and my favourite Japanese extravaganza dining experience. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest London related goodness.

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PolinaGirl peeking out of the alley leading to Farm Girl cafes courtyard.