Beginners Guide – How to Travel Better With Instagram

Beginners Guide – How to Travel Better With Instagram

Most of us don’t even dare to leave anywhere without a phone (or is it just me?) and it feels like nowadays the whole world is on Instagram. And since phones are not going anywhere might as well use them for something other than Plants versus Zombies (Is this reference too old?). I though it might be cool to share some of my favourite ways I utilise Instagram when planning my upcoming travel adventures.

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For me this year is all about my one true passion in life. Travel as much as humanly possible. I’ve set out a goal for myself to visit twelve places in the next 12 months. What can I say, I never lacked in ambition.A shot of the famous Tower Bridge with the Walkie Talkie building in the background.A lady walking past the main entrance to V&A museum in London.

These trips can be pretty much anything from a city break to a week long adventure. Slowly but surely Instagram became my first go to when looking up a new place to visit. There are so many amazing travel accounts bursting with incredible images and informative captions. I know one thing for sure it beats looking through some generic click bait websites or those boooring travel brochures. It makes IG a one stop shop for all my travel needs.

Shameless plug alert: I’ve also made a Youtube video on this subject. Honestly, had an absolute blast working on it and will be definitely making more travel related videos. Go check out the channel and subscribe for more from moi.A girl holding an iphone in the studio with the title 'Travel Better With Instagram' written over it.

1. Explore Instagram hashtags

Use the power of hashtags to find out what other travelers are capturing whilst going to your destination of choice. It’s a very handy way of tapping into what is currently happening e.g. all the festivals, tourist attractions and popular food spots. Whilst I understand that finding decent hashtags takes time, I always recommend going to the official tourism board hashtags. They always provide with decent variety of posts and since most of them are community tags you will start noticing all the local Instagrammers that you like. Overall an excellent starting point to your research.A gorgeous clear day with a view of London Docks with many boats, yachts parked to the side.

2. Save Favourite Posts Into Instagram Collections

This is hands down my absolute favourite Instagram feature. I simply love it, it is my new Pinterest. No need to screenshot your phone a million times…YAY. I always have tons of albums already saved for the destinations I want to visit. The key is to make sure to separate everything into categories or otherwise it quickly becomes a mess. I always split my destination into three distinct folders: food spots, coffee shops, Instagram Locations. But any structure will do as long it makes sense for you. Can’t express how convenient this feature is.A shot of London's city Hall building emphesising its famous skewed design.A shot of some people crossing the road with a view of London's Royal Courts of Justice in the background.

Toppedwith Tip: If you come across an informative caption about your upcoming trip do save it into a separate collection. That way when needed it is much easier to find…a lesson learned the hard way^^

3. Follow Local Influencers

There is no secret that locals always know best when it comes to pretty much anything to do with the place you are visiting. Now, with Instagram finding out all the amazing local food spots and secret dive bars has never been easier. Don’t forget to follow your favourite accounts as you might miss when something cool is happening (I usually check Insta Stories for that).A girl checking her phone with an open courtyard in the background.A girl taking a photograph for Instagram of the famous hotel in Nice, France.

During my trip to Edinburgh I almost missed a live concert in the National Museum of Scotland. You can check my Edinburgh vlog here.

4. Cross reference by Location or Geo-tag

Although sounds super complex this is by far the simplest tip. By now you will probably have a decent picture of all the things you want to do and all the places you want to visit during your stay. In order to help you plan your days more effectively I always check how do my chosen locations look at different times of the day and in different weather conditions. Some things just look more epic during the sunset. This is something that virtually takes no time at all and could potentially save you hours of frustration and constant shift in plans.A stunning reflection shot of St. Paul's Cathedral on a very clear day.A shot of St. Paul's Cathedral peeking through the busy London streets.

5. Be social on social media

I know it might be silly but with all the amazing access to information on these platforms we sometimes forget about the most important feature of them all, talking to one another. You will be surprised how many don’t even realise this is an option or are too afraid to ask. Reaching out to people (comment on a post or direct message) unearths a gold mine of info about all the locations and activities, helping you to plan your trip with more efficiency. Talking from my experience most of IG users who post avidly about food and travel are super humble and eager to help their fellow travellers out.A girl looking towards the sun whilst walking through the residential docklands area in London with many connecting bridges between buildings in the background.

As a parting note I would like to emphasise that Instagram is an extremely useful tool when it comes to travel. But it is by no means the only one you should use. Always make sure that you are well informed about your location, always stay safe, have all the jabs done beforehand. Make sure you have proper insurances and don’t forget to have fun.Victoria and Albert museum's gorgeous ceilings with sunlight bursting through the windows.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my five tips on how Instagram can help you travel better. Or at the very least you enjoyed the photos. Leave a comment with some of your favourite ways to use social media for travel.

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A girl looking away with symmetrical columns of the London courts building in the background.