Winter Forest London – A Christmas Oasis at Broadgate

Winter Forest London – A Christmas Oasis at Broadgate

The Winter Forest is located in East London and is just a stone throw away from Broadgate Circle’s food court. The beautiful market will absolutely blow you away with its gorgeous rustic look and real forest feel. The Christmas market is very atmospheric and the location creates this intimate true winter oasis. Decorated with lots of pine trees and fairy-light covered corridors this is one of the many must visit spots in London during the festive season.

A girl standing underneath an arch decorated with Christmas tree branches.

Now, unlike most Christmas spots this one is themed around winter which gives it a very unique look. Walking through the decorated arches feels like being underneath the starry sky. The many pine trees dotted around complete the illusion of a snow covered forest. (Two trees will be planted for each one used).

The market itself is small but has everything you might need / want to get. My favourite was definitely the all chocolate coffee cup.

Toppedwith tip: This place also has a cinema. You couldn’t ask for a better spot to watch Love Actually.A girl sitting at a rustic wooden table and taking a photo in the winter forest Christmas Market in East London.

Finally, Exchange Square is a perfect location for the winter pop up. Not many people outside of the surrounding office workers will go there so it isn’t as crowded as all the other markets. Do keep in mind that on my two visits I was there during the work week so the weekend will most definitely be packed. As everything tends to get in London during the festive season.A girl peeking from behind a Christmas tree with her hands held together. Just like a bunny rabbit.

Hope you enjoyed my quick guide to the Winter Forest London Market and maybe even found something new for yourself. Happy holidays everybody! For some more London FOOD OBSESSIONS check out my Japanese Food Crawl in Central London and Best Dinner With a View. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest London related goodness.

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A girl waving into the camera with a Christmas Market in the background.