Capturing The True London Spirit at Workshop Coffee

Capturing The True London Spirit at Workshop Coffee

Workshop Coffee (link here) truly deserves the title of an artisan cafe. The one place that everyone likes- the coffee geek, the coffee lover and everyone in between. Each space is designed with its local community in mind. Always a great spot to tuck away, relax or catch up with friends. Their baristas can be compared to world renown mixologists, crafting each coffee with precision and speed like I’ve never seen before. Workshop Coffee is also an excellent roaster, working closely with farmers and co-operatives around the world to source their coffees. Their passion towards bringing us closer to the coffee world is shown in everything that they do.

I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to catch up with Workshop Coffee, who I personally find an inspiration. Last week I sat down with Richard Frazier, Head of Retail, to talk all things coffee.

Barista doing latte art on the coffee at Workshop Coffee London

What was the inspiration behind Workshop Coffee?

We never set ourselves up purely as a coffeebar or a café. We were trying to bring people one step closer to what makes a fantastic coffee. The idea was to show every stage of the coffee process. We source great raw ingredients from origin and have always sought to roast it in a way that showcases it in the best possible light. We hope that by giving people a glimpse of how we source, roast and ultimately serve coffee in our stores it enriches our guests’ experience.

Pictured industrial coffee machine at Workshop Coffee Holborn London

Can you tell me a little bit more about your relationships with farmers?

Each year we spend a number of months at the origin. At the beginning of last month, we came back from Central America and East Africa where we traveled a number of weeks visiting farmers and spent numerous hours in cupping labs tasting cup after cup of coffee. Whenever we possibly can, we’re interested in creating ongoing relationships with farmers and producers because that’s where this idea of continues cycle of quality comes into play.( If we reinvest in the farmer and work with them each year that justifies the extra effort that takes place in growing, harvesting and processing and allows for greater levels of detail in each stage as time goes on.) Our passion towards sustaining such relationships helps to constantly refine the end product.

Cup of fresh cappuccino on the table with two roast from Workshop Coffee London

How did The Tempest Two come on board?

The Tempest Two are two friends who go on all sorts of unbelievable adventures. 18 months ago they sailed across the Atlantic, after that they were moving through the archipelago in Sweden and now they are biking on motorcycles from London to the Sahara Desert. You can follow their adventure on Facebook here and Instagram here.

We try to work with like-minded people as much as we can; we’ve been partnered with The 5th Floor cycling team for more than three years now as well. Working with groups of people like TTT and The 5th Floor brings an extra layer of fun into what we do, but it also puts our coffee where we want it to be enjoyed: in the real world, as part of their daily routine and in the company of other people. 

Brick wall and cup of cappuccino in it with industrial light at Workshop Coffee London

I follow their adventure closely on IG. That leads me to the next question, what role does Social media play in the life of Workshop Coffee?

I think social media for us is a way to provide even more transparency to what we do. It allows us to shine more light on producers and coffee farmers and the phenomenal work they do to create the coffee we’re lucky enough to serve. There’s only so much information we can and want to pass on to the customer across the bar. We don’t want to overload people with reams of information on altitude, variety and processing method if all they’re looking for is a delicious cappuccino at eight o’clock in the morning. But, importantly, it’s there if they want it and we’re incredibly happy to talk about it.
For us, social media is sort of a window into the coffee world and there are always lots of updates and interesting stories being told through our Facebook and Instagram pages.two fresh lattes standing on the big wooden table at the Workshop Coffee Londoncup of cappuccino on the table facing the interior of the Workshop Coffee London

Thak you, Richard, for your time. What can we expect from Workshop Coffee in 2017?

As always, we’ve got a number of fresh crop coffees in the works. Right now, we’re waiting excitedly for samples to land from our recent trips I mentioned earlier. We’re also excited to see more and more people wanting to brew delicious coffee at home, so we’ll continue to support that through things like our brewing guides, subscriptions and Brew Bundles.

We are looking into revisiting some collaborations that we have done in the past. As always we are super excited for the London Coffee Festival. Although we do not have a stall this year, we will definitely be there, sampling great coffee and brainstorming ideas. There’s much more on the horizon, too, so check our social media channels for the updates.Barista preparing coffee in the coffee machine at Workshop Coffee Holborn London

I love the fact that Workshop Coffee works with neighboring business and I think by doing that they embody the London spirit. Their humble and grounded approach makes their cafes a very nice place to chill in. I want to wish them all the best and really looking forward to trying their new blends.

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